2017 F/W Collection





I have secret magical ability. I can take sadness, stress and anger out of my mind after having deep sleep.
If there is something weighs down my mind, I get sleepy as if every cell makes me sends danger signal to protect my mind.
Then I would fall a sleep suddenly, as if I turn off switch.

However, This magical ability has gradually faded away from me since last year.
I was in way over my head when I was just about to start my collection.
All of this stress led me to nightmare and couldn’t cure my painful mind by sleeping.
The cozy warm and cloudy sleep became whirling nightmare.

This collection expresses chaotic illusion from my own nightmare.
I illustrated disturbing black ominous shadow from nightmare on fabric by digital printing and embroidery.
The embroidered fabric reminded me blanket.
The entire collection has comforts comes from the silhouette of homeware like pajamas,
and also has funny element like oversize coat and cape looks like as if I cover my body to hide from black shadow.